Welcome to the Cities XXL Planning Guide. Inside you'll find photos of every map and resource in the game.

You can click on the links below or in the navigation bar at the top of the page to see filtered lists of all the maps based on map theme, landform, water feature, resource or map difficulty.  After you jump to a list page, make sure to click on the "Older Post" link at the bottom right of the pages to cycle through all of the photos.

Once you get to the individual map pages you'll see that I've added icons indicating how I've categorized it.  If you hover over the icon it will tell you what it means. Some of the landform categories are somewhat subjective and a few of the maps don't really fit any category.

If you find any errors or omissions, please leave a comment on the page so I can get it fixed. Thanks, and happy gaming!

Guide to Worker Classes

Here's the breakdown of what classes each building type hires. Note that some classes aren't required unless it's a medium or high density zone.

It should be noted that some specialty buildings don't follow these rules. For instance, silos use skilled workers.

Heavy IndustrialMDHD
High TechMD
MD = Medium Density and Higher
HD = High Density
* = Some hotels
** = Some High quality hotels

Mod Installation Guide

Mods: Where to find them and how to install them

What is a mod?

A mod is a small file with a .patch extension that when placed in a specific folder will modify your CitiesXXL game. Some common examples of what's available:
  • Highways
  • Maps
  • Special Buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Parks
Where do I find mods?

There are two main places to find mods for Cities XXL: The Steam Workshop (A) or XLNation.city (B)

A. Downloading Mods From the Steam Workshop

Open the Steam application. Click on the button for "Browse the Workshop"

Once inside the workshop you can browse through the entire list or choose one of the filters on the right to narrow down your search. To learn more about the mod, simply click on it.

To install the mod, click on the green "Subscribe" button.

That's it! The next time you run the game, the mod will be installed.

FYI: Mods from the Steam workshop automatically get installed in 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Cities XXL\Paks\mods

B. Downloading Mods from XLNation.city

Go to XLNation.city and become a member. You must be a member to download mods.

Browse the Cities XXL mods 
From the main page, click on the "Resources" tab.
From the "Resources" page, select "Cities XXL (2015)"

Click on whatever mod you'd like to learn more about. You can filter through the various mod types by selecting from the list of categories on the left side of the page.

Download the mod by selecting the black "Download Now" button

Place the downloaded .patch file in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Cities XXL\Paks

That's it! The next time you run the game, the mod will be installed.

Where do I find the mod in the game?

In order to see the mod, you may need to enable "Expert Mode" which is listed in the options.

The mod will be found in different locations based on what type of mod it is. In this case, it's a custom made office building so it's found by selecting "Custom Content" and then looking in the Star menu of the office buildings.

Where do I find the Real Highway Mod?

Real Highway Mod

Real Highway Mod Add-on

Again, make sure you've enabled expert mode, otherwise it won't work correctly.

Cities XXL: All Maps

RWReal World Location
ThemeWater Features
VVolcano/CraterVDVery Difficult80%+

ThemeLandformsWater F.Resources
Smoke On The WaterGVL0310E20%90%90%
The Desert And The SeaDB3001D60%60%50%
Rocky BeachGB0312N30%45%75%
Cherokee PeakGPR0321N30%90%50%
Painted CanyonD3001D50%65%50%
Winding LakesGL
Wooded PlainGP2110D50%50%50%
Grassy MarshlandGR0310N30%70%50%
The Rocky IslandGIB1102D70%70%30%
Green MountainsGM1210E20%90%90%
The Far WestD2110N30%90%50%
Lake PowellRWDCLR0310D60%80%50%
The OasisDL3000D70%30%50%
Cayman IslandsRWGIB1112D70%40%30%
The Bed Of An Old LakeGM0110VD80%45%50%
A Labyrinth Of HillsG0210D50%80%50%
Plain With MoundsGP0320N30%90%50%
Between Two CoastsGB0110D50%65%75%
The Green CutG0320N30%80%50%
The Eroded CoastGB1110N30%75%75%
The CraterGVL2011N30%60%75%
Rio de JaneiroRWGB0003D70%40%50%
Hong KongRWG1013D60%30%50%
The Rocky SummitD3000D70%30%50%
The Coastal PlainGPBR2002D70%70%50%
The River PlainsGPR1210N40%80%50%
The Two SistersGIB0102VD90%30%50%
The Rugged MountainGSMR0130D70%50%50%
The CliffsGPC1211N30%75%75%
The Three ValleysGR2210N40%20%50%
The Rolling PlainsGP2100D70%40%50%
The ValleySM0003VD90%25%50%
The Shattered CoastGB2110E20%40%50%
The Coastal BayGIB0202D70%50%50%
The Great LakeGR0130N40%75%50%
The Grassy CanyonGR1003VD90%40%50%
The CoastGB1111E20%50%50%
The AtollGIB0003D70%40%50%
The Small PeninsulaGB2101N40%50%30%
The PeninsulaGB1111E20%50%50%
The ArchipelagoGIB2002VD90%50%30%
The BeachGB0202D70%50%30%
The Tropical IslandGIB1102D70%80%30%
New YorkRWGR1013D70%40%50%
The VolcanoGVLR1111E20%50%50%
The WetlandsGPLR1111N20%50%50%
The Wild RiverGPR0310N40%80%50%
The Fertile PlainsGPR1210E20%75%50%
The Old FallsGPR1210E20%75%50%
The FjordGBR2011D70%30%50%
The Stone LabyrinthD3000VD90%50%50%
The Rocky DesertD3000D70%70%50%
Mount St. HelensRWGV2002D70%50%50%
The Grand CanyonRWDPCR0300D70%75%50%
The DeltaGCBR0220N40%75%50%
The Mountain RiverGLR0210N40%50%50%
The Lake On The PlainGL1111E20%50%50%
The Grassy CliffsGCR0211N40%60%50%
The Green HillsGPR1211N40%75%50%
The Icy MountainsSM1021D70%30%50%
The Mountain-top LakeSL0031VD90%30%50%
The High GroundsG0220N40%60%50%
The MountainSM0022VD90%20%50%
The Lake LandsGR1021D70%50%50%